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I am convinced that everyone can achieve their goals if they have the will and are ready to do something about it. Everyone can become their own motivation, get the best out of themselves, challenge their own strength – and it can even be quite fun!

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With me, you get an individual and targeted care around training and nutrition. I have an open ear for you and want to motivate you to stay on the ball. I want to pull together with you on a string and approach your goal sustainably. With me there are no crash diets – the fun in conjunction with professional plans will let us achieve your goals together.


An individual training plan, which I adapt to you and your goals and needs. A workout that is fun and allows you to effectively achieve your goals and get the best possible out.


Delicious and simple recipes that are perfectly adapted to the achievement of your goals and your calorie balance. You decide how many meals you prefer with an individual cuisine according to your taste – you don’t have to eat anything you don’t like and you can go through the day full of energy.


1:1 coaching with integrated chat – this gives us the opportunity to work on your goals in a focused way and to keep you motivated at all times.


In the app you have the possibility to track your progress and get that extra portion of motivation.

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Hey! For many years, weight training has been my great passion. I have gone through many ups and downs and have developed both physically and mentally. I have grown in myself and my goals, know how good it feels to have “arrived” and would like to help you feel the same!

As I have tried different strategies myself for some time, failed, but never lost my motivation, I can understand the hurdles in achieving one’s goals.

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Over the past few years I have become more and more involved with the subject matter and have expanded my knowledge through various licenses in the fitness and nutrition area.
My goal is to pull together with you, avoid some hurdles and support you on your personal path.

My coaching is suitable for anyone who is ready for change!

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